Day 5: Drama with sail and swordfish

Espen Aalstad
Thu 29 Nov 2007 15:09
22.18N 22.55W
Heading WSW in 14 knot wind, 6 knots speed, noticably warmer (shorts) and 27 degrees in sea.
A small navigation mistake day 2 has left us a little more east than planned, hopefully our sourthern course will still pay off in better wind. At least we have no showers as others. Elin and Regi has now taken over the navigation plotting and comparisons. Ole's small SSB radio gives us current reports from our group.
More excitement in sailing. As feared we do not master the Parasailor - twisted three times around the forestay yesterday. Luckily saved and not ripped. Others have not been so lucky we hear. Without mainsail we trusted it for good speed in the afternoon with success.
More drama today in fishing. Kjell and Ole has the line out at sunset. Twice we have had something and twice lost. Today a 4 meter swordfish lifting out of the water before the line broke. So lunch is Swedish Christmas ham from Ikea..
Norwegian history on politics and early parlimentarism.