Espen Aalstad
Mon 1 Oct 2007 22:03
37:05N 8:07W
We happily left Portimao as soon as the clouds split. A scenic sail along the Algarve coast with cliffs, grottos and long beaches before we reached Vilamoura. We passed more famous Albufeira somewhat reluctantly (but not when we saw all the big condos along the beach), and was pleased with ourselves having chosen Vilamoura when we arrived. Another large marina, but well designed around the basin with charming restaurants and somehow a less commercial feel. Turned out this is a big gold resort also and many more gold coourses close by. More rain and thunder so we stayed another day for more school and in between laundry, pool (biljard) and a short trip to the loooong beach. Strange snails and jelly fish was added to our sea discovery list.
Everybody enjoys grandma Erna visting - and teaching
Homework....Einar with multiplication
Elin with more advanced matrices
Esploring is still most popular