Grenada South coast - fjordlike and less mosquitos

Espen Aalstad
Sun 20 Jan 2008 13:15
12:00N 61:46W
At anchor in True Blue Bay.  One of the many small fjordlike bays along the southern coast.
This has been a productive school week as we only moved small distances.
Afternoons we go ashore to explore or swim. The water here though is more murky given swell and clay bottom.
Here in True Blue the small resort has swimming pools to the boys' delight. 
At Hog island further east we found nothing but coconut crabs, goats and Roger's bar. He has built a shed  on a tiny beach head and lives out there rather primitively. In the sheltered bay some cruisers stay long and Roger's is the afternoon hang out it seems.
Cruising kids play with everyone we are learning.
Hiking on the island was like a walk on a Swedish West cost island : grassy and open to the big ocean.
Soon however also this island will be covered with villas...we wonder what happens with all the wild life here in the south.
Now we turn north again tomorrow.