Atlantic passage training to Canaries

Espen Aalstad
Mon 29 Oct 2007 20:14
29:13.67N 13:30.98W
Ila La Graciosa, north of Lanzarote

Our longest family passage so far was fast and a real baptism for the Atlantic: 240 nmiles in 26 hours or an average speed over 10 knots until the wind came down. For the first half we had more than we asked for or forecasted: 4-5 meter waves and 25 knots. Espen says even 7 meter waves while I was cooking dinner. Certainly, I had little apetite coming up. The boys slept through this and a good 12 hours! They woke up to fresh made bread. Now we know we can do this also on the long Atlantic passage.
Ila Graciosa has been a wonderful surprise. This first island from the North is a naural first stop. Sahara like and volcanic, just a small village, 16 cars (4 wheel) and hardly any tourists. Only a few toursits has come with the ferry from Lanzarote to explore and a few other boats arriving from Europe or Africa. As our French neighbour said: this is a royal place for the kids. The boys could see how exploring the quiet volcanic beach. 
Unfortunately, the wind is picking up so with no space in the small marina we will have to move on.