Day 16 - Flying Regina and flying fish

Espen Aalstad
Tue 11 Dec 2007 19:47
14:36N 57:22W
Still steady E 18-25 kn. We are rarely below 7 kn and often at 10 kn.  ETA is now definitely ahead of the sun set on Wednesday. Kjell and Elin keep suggesting ideas to slow us down (to win their bet) such as rope or drouge in the water, detour to Barbados, or less sail. Instead, we are almost flying with our wing on wing (mainsail and genoa spread on each side of the mast). Thankfully the spinnaker boom is holding and we simply reef in/out and have not gybed for four days. The spinnaker and genaker we could have saved us for the ARC.
Better flying yet are the many fly fish we enjoy watching every day. They fly out of the water away from their hunter and dash in all directions on the waves. Like kamikazi they seem to not care or know where they end up. Sometimes this means on deck - or in the pentry as on Lufelia. Ole and Kjell's close encounter was a fly fish in Ole's back which next hit Kjell in the head  ...and luckily escaped both fishermen into the water again. 
Tonight we will enjoy a last "tabberas a la Emil" (finish the food on-board). We actually have plenty left, even fruit.
When we wake up we have both St. Lucia and Martinique in sight and just a few hours more before we can sleep flat again and get clean laundry and long showers and and...
Amazingly, there are still no boats to be seen!