Nature reserve Ihla da Berlenga and swimming

Espen Aalstad
Wed 19 Sep 2007 22:13
39:24.8N 9:30.1W  Nazare to Peniche
An early morning roll for motor in 2 meter NW swells before the kids wake up was rewarded with a spectacular island, Ihla de Berlenga.
Espen did not want to leave the boat once we got there and saw the cliffs and felt the current. So Regi and the kids went ashore on this desolate and largely unspoilt large rock "hitchhiking" with a local dinghy. Ours is still pakcked away. We entered the little quay first through a narrow rock passage. We had a good hike up to the 29 m high lighthouse and then down a very narrow path to the Forte Sao Joao Batista, where the boat was just outside. The kids amazed at the curving path and "viaduct". Our local man as promised game and picked us up...the extra 15 minutes of wait was a little nervous.....would be be stranded?
Back on the boat Espen, Regi and Einar had a first swim. 21degrees and nice and refreshing after the hike.
An hour sail to Peniche before we called it a day in what we knew was only a big fishing port. 
From the islands lighthouse to the Fort