Treasure Island

Espen Aalstad
Fri 11 Apr 2008 00:41
18:19N 64.33 W  The Bight, Norman Island
A quiet first week in the BVIs where the weather is finally better: it has not been this pleasant since the Grenadines in January. Even better is a few days of less wind.
We have gone slow and setteled back into school routine and afternoon exploring.

It is easy to see how cruisers spend months here with many islands and all the small bays and natural anchorages.  It feels even a little like the Oslofjord in places:)
We have tried  Cooper Island, Peter Island and Norman Island - just in 10 miles. Some anchorages are a little crowded with all the (charter) boats. Also on these almost inhabited islands is it obvious that  the cruising industry has exploded since we were here 20 years ago. We came here after Regi's graduation from university renting a boat with 8 of her school friends...using the last of the student loan and not dreaming of coming back in a similar large boat with kids.
The capital Road Harbour we could hardly recognize: just felt like one big messy marina.
Back then, we did not come to Norman Island as we did not care much about pirates probably.  Now we had to go to the famous Bight where supposedly Stevenson was inspired to write Treasure Island. Einar read the book ahead of coming and was hooked by Captain Flint. Early on our trip reading was a drag: not anymore and certainly not with this classic.
The boys have been facinated that rumors has it real treaures may still be here. The bay certainly offered good protection for the pirate ships. 
Einar went treasure hunting in the hills, but found only Tamarinds. A nice, but sour snack.
Today the little restaurant in the bay makes good tourism on the pirate heritage. Friends from Fuerte came by shortly yesterday with even more 'pirates'. 60 Oyster boats celebrated their week long regatta. Einar and Scott was raiding the nightly toilet visitors for their funds and made 15 dollars.

At Treasure Point we had the best snorkling so far. The clarity of the water in BVI is amazing and there is plenty of fish.
Magnus also enjoys snorkling for a short while. Here at the Indians which is as rocky under water.

We have often seen turtles although rarely up close. This one was very curious and came to check us out....and scaring Regi about to jump in as we had been on the watch out for stingrays.

This surprise visitor decided to stay. The bird sat on our bow for 5 miles (45 min) and took off for a few seconds every so often when the water splashed up.
The dinghy was not as stable as the anchor.