Nazare - in the paths of Phonicans and pirates

Espen Aalstad
Tue 18 Sep 2007 20:02
39:36N 9:04W
Sunset at an internet cafe after a good sailing day - NW 18 to 10 and big but gentle waves of 2 m.
Small Nazare located both on a beach and hilltop is a tourist resort now rather quiet. The beaches are among the best in Portugal (too cold now). Legend tells it is named after Nazareth in Palestine as a munk brought a statute of Virgin Mary here.  Both pirates and Phonicans have left their marks. The fishermen no longer wear their traditional costumes but many wifes are still mostly in black. Fishing is important and at the small marina we have been forewarned about fishy smell in the morning. Big fish just by the boat indicates they are right.