Day 8 - a week for a whale

Espen Aalstad
Sun 2 Dec 2007 13:03
19:14N 31:20W
E wind 15-20 knots just as forecasted by ARC. 8-10 knots speed last 24 hours. Change to showers and bigger waves - it rolls in 3-4 meters. One big one in the dark morning hours brought a gibe and broke the preventer rope off! We feel everyday the power of nature here.  The spinnaker boom is holding though though we hold our breaths in the bigger waves and watch the windex.
We love Otto, autopilot: he does a much better job than any of us in the big waves.
A week at sea. So far we are all positively surprised. Northern Europe waters was more demanding on Regina and crew.
We are learning our boat and its capacity and debating repairs and how to gain speed.  
We are telling stories and laughing. Ole's from charter and big ocean life is endless. Soon we have compared Norway and Sweden on most fronts.
We are eating well and food are keeping surprisingly well. Fajitas yesterday, Einar. Today we go fishing again.
We are drinking enough water ...and have enjoyed both glogg and our daily small ration of better liquids.
We are sleeping when we can making up for night shifts ...adjusting to the bigger rolls with pillows and positions. Now the narrower front cabins are more popular.
We feel fresh ...adopting to primitive hygiene and still enjoy eachother thanks to deodorants and wet napkins - showers are available! Espen is growing a beard. Regi washes hair in buckets of salt water.
We trace our position ...and those of others who are doing better and worse!  Ray's daily update is so far not great reading for Regina with our early southerly tack not ideal.
We enjoy the emails of new ARC friends and from ARC control...others have at least as eventful incidents as us. Victoria wins the humor prize.
We are talking about the weather all the time...and worry less about the forecast.
Elin is getting a little tired of the adult at times and disappears into her MP3 world or her history book. She will do well in today's quiz is entertainment.
We are not reading as much as we planned as the week simply flew by.
We are not sea sick....and have gotten our sea legs.
We are waiting for more ocean life - only a big whale this morning!