South on St. Lucia to favorite spots

Espen Aalstad
Fri 21 Dec 2007 13:43
13:51N 61:05W
After the Atlantic, the distances between islands seems all very small. Heading south, we enjoy a nice genoa sail to come back to Marigot Bay.
The bay is just as lush and tropic as we remember from two years ago. Truls is home in 'his' restaurant and we get special treatment to dock on the port. 
Like many places on St. Lucia it is also expanding. Not strange from what we have seen of this island.
We have a wonderful evening under the stars and Regi finally gets the Indian meal promised last we stopped by.
The volcanic Pitons tower over our next stop in the marine reserve. Uniquely windy as the gusts come down the steep, fertile hillsides, but a woderful setting. The luxory beach resort ashore is just a little dingy ride, and we are welcome ashore! Quite a haven under the palm trees....until Einar comes out of the water like a (screaming) rocket. He is stung by a box jelly fish and we are all a little shaken until we figure this out. Fortunately Espen saw it as for a second we thought even stingray.
Local treatment is lime, which helps. Yet, it leaves a nasty burn on Einar's shoulder and finger. We learn they are not unusal in these waters.
Einar though is back in full force rather quickly.