Staaende Maast Canal and meeting friends

Espen Aalstad
Sun 2 Sep 2007 16:44
51:52.48N 04:37.52E 
Finally real canal cruising from Amsterdam towards Rotterdam. A nice change for all and rich in variety: small/big bridges, beautiful houses/ugly industrial sites, fields below or above us, barges or 15 ft. sailboats....Some really nice places to live and some not. wind, sun, rain.... Having past Edam earlier we now passed Gouda...and then the canal turned industrial and absolutely not any harbours as indicated in GPS. Just as we were going to moor to visit old friends Kristine and Frans. 3 hours later we finally docked at another port experience - and playground: Ridderhaven was only a local marina in an industrial area who's very local restaurant featured big Tyrannaosaurus Rex, Triceratops and a frog pond. A treat.
A late night and nice visit still to Zeist (car again!) and the Klaassen family! Norwegian waffles and brown cheese was spot on as was different rolling toys for Magnus.
Nice gardens and houses along the canals
Transportation on barges must be both economical and environmental friendly