Towards the ocean again & lock 'drama'

Espen Aalstad
Mon 3 Sep 2007 16:45
58:08.54N 8:00.16E
We have continued 'inland' south-west wards from Rotterdam on big ship canals. They move us across land and islands and we do another 5 locks. We have gotten very good with this teamwork of hooking on in the locks thanks also to Elin. Sometimes seamless to watch us although today we actually turned first 180 and then a full 360 degrees in a lock. That happens in heavy wind and when you miss the back mooring. Luckily we had space and only barges to deal with. 
Things take time waiting for bridges and locks so we have a late night mooring. Wind today from 5 to 35 knots. from sun to cold rain.
Morning wait for another railroad bridge in Dordrecht
Where is the next port...
Often the svans meet us on arrival - also at night!