Patience, powerboats and pouring rain

Espen Aalstad
Sat 29 Sep 2007 21:42
We left Lagos with mixed feelings: a wonderful town though not having finally fixed up the boat as planned.
Somebody said fixing the boat in exotic ports is what long distance cruising is also about. We are not amused. In Lagos we were finally going to fix the bowspirit (but it still does not fit) and the spinnaker pole (now is stuck in shipping in UK). Still our Lazy Jack is not right and torn again & the spray hood comes loose: we need to wait for a port with authorized supplier. 
As we left Lagos to explore the caves for anchor, the anchor winch did not work. Instead we had to go back to the boatyard and luckily got help late on a Friday afternoon. A cable had come off inside a forward closed off compartment. Should absolutely not happen Jeanneau! Out patience is gone and we now need a major overhaul in Cadiz.
Once the anchor was fixed, we had an excellent afternoon sail to Portimao, also great as this was Grandma Erna's first leg. With the wind now on the South we could not stay out for anchor as planned and instead ended up in the middle of the World Championships for Powerboats (P1 - a smaller version of F1?). The boys are certainly happy, and from our mooring we have great view of the powerboats testing their engines and roaring past. luckily also some protection from buzz and nightlife for the rest of us. We took the dinghy out to watch the ocean race and exploring the river outlet. Must fun was maybe watching the powerboats in the marina and being lifted out.
Last night's W Cup celebrations though was dampened by heavy wind and rain! The skipper was not too happy about ashes from the extensive fireworks on our white boat. Today is it pouring down non stop. We have school on a Sunday and games all afternoon. Lucky us to have a creative schoolteacher and Grandma in one!
We have met Tussy, another Norwegian boat and crew were Elin has found a first friend in Henriette - finally another teenager.
Showcasing the boats just at marina
A tough rider like is namesake - TRex.
Not the way to happiness for sailors, but impressive
Tough guys