Praias and Lisboa

Espen Aalstad
Fri 21 Sep 2007 22:32
38:40.6N  9:18.76W  Oeiras
As the temperature has been rising steadily down the coast so has also Magnus wishes to play on the beach. He wants to open the big black garbage bag he stuffed with his favorite beach toys at Hallso and dumped down the front hatch under all the sails. Miles and miles of beaches have stretched down the coast yet not accessible by boat and has had large swells. Until we rounded for a southerly coast at the outskirts of Lisboa and the RioTejo. Oeiras was just perfect:  its "praia" under the fort just as nice as our pilot promised and a super, small marina. Even a night free for ARC participants as a surprise - the marina charges (up to 50 Euro a night) can break sailors' budgets. Magnus got his afternoon on the beach with 21 degrees in the water..
He was almost as happy on the trams of Lisboa the next day. We explored and climbed a few of the seven hills with beautiful view from the Castelo de St Jorga to the Monument of the Explorerers. Einar thought Lisboa was boring until we saw the Maritime museum: rich in incredibly well made boat models and lots of artifacts from the great discoverers of oceans and continents. Our little sailing adventure is nothing. Elin too had a good history lesson and could appreciate also the fantastic early navigation tools. One day we will learn astro least some.
Finally swimming. The fort is the official residence of the Defense minister
Famous tram 28 for exploring Lisboa center and famous buildings
Elin on top of one of the many hills over Lisboa: Castelo de Sao Jorgo
In new fotball t-shirts of course
A much needed rest at the Monoment of the Explorerers : Vasco da Gama up front