Back on Regina in Brighton

Espen Aalstad
Mon 16 Jun 2008 20:59

50:46.15N 00.02.02W
June 9th, pm.
It was great to be back on Regina again. We are anxious to enjoy her for our
last three weeks and to complete our sailing journey. She is a beauty also
after her second Atlantic crossing! The warm and sunny Summer afternoon in
lively Brighton marina makes life even better. Our friend Ray from Geneva,
our virtual weather man and inspirator on the Atlantic, has finally joined
Regina to help take her home.

The marina is big and we are quickly impressed with their services.
Our loyal autopilot gave in a couple of days ago down the coast, but a
creative skipper Espen and a local welder has made the quadrant pin now even
better than new.
Unfortunately, Yachtmate did not deliver on its repair commitment of the
vang and we can't wait with a good weather window. We will fix in Sweden
with their service minded help and follow up.

The last few weeks have been a sharp contrast to our time out in nature and simplicity this last year. The kids has enjoyed first time ever coming to USA and had great fun with Regi's college friends. Shopping and screens/TV was a dramtic contrast to cruising life. Espen could finally visit Kristoffer, repack for us in Geneva and get on with summer work at Hallso.
Elin and Regi has been to Singapore to sort school and housing. Land life there will be comfortable and promises more exploring. Interesting to see how we adjust to commercial life.
The boys loves being back in regular school in Norway at Grandma Erna and Kjell....we could not have done this year without them!
The downside of stepping off Regina for a while has been to deal with the paper work of land life and the move itself. It has eaten hours and days: we prefer life at sea!

We leave Brighton Monday afternoon with sunny skies, flat water though wind ahead in the channel supposedly.