Espen Aalstad
Mon 10 Sep 2007 23:33
48:16.9N 4:35.2 W
Started excellently out of Portsmouth including with proudly with Spinnaker, but the wind died out and we continued by engine and main as a support sail. Boring, perhaps, but in the middle of the night we can spot a vessel on the AIS at 26kts. A quick check shows that it is Queen Mary II approching from SW at a collision course. I make contact on the VHF, and have a very nice chat with the officer on duty: He says that he is SO sorry, but they can not give way due to other vessels. We agree that we go starbord and behind, and that way we have a close up and impressive view of a beatiful ship in the dark. The Officer at Queen Mary II wishes us a nice watch as hes dissapers in the East. A quick stop in Camaret to tip up diesel and a Croque Monsieur with beer before we set sail for the Biscay. NNE-NE 12-29 kts wind and 8-10 kts speed for the first couple of hours..