Day 14 - record

Espen Aalstad
Sun 9 Dec 2007 18:23
15:32N 51:29W
A long day of rain showers ended in a clear, starry night. Combine with consistent strong wind above 20 E and Regina and crew has finally done above 200nm over 24hrs!
Ray tells us we are now in 100th position, which means we have gained almost 50 positions in a week. Too bad our early southerly course put us that far behind. The statistically strongest wind route.
We are really drying up today with lots of sun and weak wind: the sun roof is out for the first time and so is the fishing line, shower buckets and caps.
Last night the menu has moved to dry&canned food with Mexican rice, Danish sausages AND pears in Regina's wine syrup for dessert.
No boats seen now for 48 hours, except for a big tanker. Elin and gradpa just finished World War 1. Regi is studying weather and meteorology. Ole has had a bad cut in his finger, but already healing. The first time in four months we really had to get into our well stocked medicine cabinet (for any emergency) and the small finger bandages came in very handy.