Tenerife -high and low

Espen Aalstad
Sun 18 Nov 2007 19:00
28:28N 16:14.6W Santa Cruz de Tenerife
As the prevailing northerly wind forces itself between the island the wind picks up to what is called wind acceleration zone, often not pleasant for sailors. We enjoyed ours between Gran Canaria and Tenerife! A great sail in easterly wind that picked up. The whales and dolphins evadeed us even after the many boat owners in Porto Mogan promised us lots. El Pico - Tide at 3718 meter hovered over the island from the sea.
School went to the field for two days on this larger and more fertile island, especially to the north. All the banana plantations gave us a Caribbean feel.
We think Tenerife is our favorite island so far.
Unfortunately, we left the island with Elin and Espen out with what has turned out to be a real stomach bug, and had to delay departure to at least they could manage the trip and could be relied on if needed.
Driving up to Teide was an everchanging landscape from large pine forest to crater and no vegetation at the base.
The temprature changed even faster from 25 degrees to only a few degrees at 3500 meters. The telecabine up was an absolute rip off also as we could not get close. Magnus was cold and happy to leave.
Exploring the crater below was more fun and made our science classes on volcanos complete!
Great fun and learning at Loro Parc. Originally a parrot parc and set in the lush vegetation on the North coast, this was a great day.
Einar and Elin went behind the scenes to visit gorillas and learn the real interesting facts. 
Killer whales are dolphins! 
We have learned first hand how playful dolphins are around our boat: now we saw how much they enjoyed more playing.