Espen Aalstad
Fri 17 Aug 2007 16:00
58:08.54.N 08:00.16.E

Kristiansand. Up to Gale 8 (stiv kuling), showers, and sun. Norway’s fifth biggest and”flower” city is a nice surprise though we are stuck on our fifth day with cyclonic pressure off Scotland coming through. It has also closed our window to cross the North Sea and see the Caledonian Canal and friends. We will try again upon return next June and now will head for Skagen, Denmark’s tip.

Our second night here was rough with the pontoon harbor rugging more than the boat. Magnus was sea sick in harbor before breakfast.  We moved to a quieter place thanks to locals.

The last boat preparations have been completed as planned here with AIS installed (automatic identification system) and EPIRB (Emergency Positioning Identification Radio Beacon we hopefully never will use). The good part of waiting is that we finally have some vacation feeling with various activities with the children. The high has been a visit to the Animal Park and Kaptein Sabeltann’s world.  The boys ran for a day of excitement and well deserved fun after their patience with us this summer. New Harry Potter at the movies and indoor swimming has also been popular ofr the kids used to quiet island life.

Our crew member "on demand" Kjell (Regi's Dad) has joined for the Skagerrak watch keeping and more fun.


Where is Kaptein Sabeltann?


Just like the real ferries....