New Year among reefs and turtles

Espen Aalstad
Tue 1 Jan 2008 17:02
12:37N 61:21W
It was tempting to stay on Mystique for the New Year to maybe see a few stars.
We opted for the peace of the Tobago Cays...away from the civilization and fireworks as we start 2008.
These small sandy islands is behind a large horseshoe reef as the only protection from the Atlantic. Despite high and unexpected winds of to 25 knots, plenty of boats had the same idea and found still great protection behind the reef from the mighty Atlantic waves. The wind still created choppy waters inside so it has taken a few days for the clear, incredibly turquise water to return. Snorkling here is a guaranteed turtle meeting  and among the best in the Grenadines.
Elin with the 'famous' Petit Tabac island (to the right) where Jack Sparrow comes in Pirates of the Caribbean.
We celebrated New Year's Eve on Regina (given the largest cockpit) filling up with new friends from three other Norwegian boats. Kids, teens, parents, grand parents, and newly weds in a happy gang of 23! Who needs fireworks when we have fog horns and outdated safety flares!