Toward new horizons

Espen Aalstad
Mon 5 May 2008 20:45
18:25.47N 64:37.09 W  Road Town Tortola
Fresh winds will soon blow Regina's crew to a new more permanent anchorage.
We are on our way to Singapore when Regi returns to work in July! 
Everybody is excited about this opportunity to live and learn in Asia. We will miss Geneva and all our friends & Regina!
Elin sees potential for great IB program and more adventures like diving; although she is sad to leave her girl gang in Geneva for now.
Einar has googled and is looking forward to school with big sports field and pool. He will convert to English schooling and wonder if he will have any French friends.
Magnus wants to play on big playgrounds he has seen on the internet.
Espen is pleased with an attractive location and to be close to water.
Regi looks forward to return to Baby Care and especially to lead a regional business in Asia.
Kristoffer is happy for us, but feels we awill be a little far away. He will be an even bigger customer of Skype and enjoy Asia on breaks - a warm change from Trondheim.
For the last few weeks we have from our 'low key' communications environment tried to understand more about our new life and get proactive on the move. Schools is a challenge with long waiting lines and initially not very accepting of a year's home schooling. Regi and Elin are going to visit personally in a few weeks and hopefully things will sort out. Meanwhile we visit internet cafes and chase printers and courier services...without getting in the way of our last weeks here
Given such a move, we have decided to get help to take Regina to Europe. We seriously considered bringing her also to Singapore and had lots of people interested in sailing her. Yet 12000 nautical miles will take its toll and she is too big to enjoy for weekend trips, so she goes back to Europe with a delivery crew. Regina is ship shape and it does feel a little strange to not complete the Atlantic circuit. Espen is very happy to not do so. We will crew on again in England.
A last night on board is hence with mixed feelings. We feel we have seen enough of the Caribbean and will treasure some for ever. Dominca stands out where we were so welcome and there were no beaches.. BVI has been a real upside with its clear water and pleasant anchorages. Next time there are others like the French islands we will sail by.
Einar's thoughts today were that he 'is reluctant to leave, but looks forward to Disney World'. A promise since when the Northern European waters were tough.
She  will do great on the Atlantic!