Syd Hallso

Espen Aalstad
Sun 15 Jul 2007 21:10

Syd Hallso Preparations. 15.07.2007. 

58:57.49N 11:05.85E

Regina arrived Hallso finally in mid-July after a tough maiden voyage from La Rochelle, France over the first two weeks of June. Espen and crew (Kjell, Ann-Marie and Andre) had plenty of wind but mostly headwind. The crew lost weight and Regina shook loose cupboards and nails coming up the English Channel. Andre as a Whitbread sailor hardly got to sail unfortunately for his week. The others were equally disappointed with only last leg up Skagerak showing Regina’s potential.

The rest of the family met Regina first in Strømstad where she was in for preparations at Marieholm who cancelled and left us scrambling for help in vacation time. This time of year proved rather unreliable despite our long order time and countless follow ups. Big thanks to Axelsson’s marina and Strømstad Båt & Motor who has done all they can to help!

Espen has hence made most fittings from shelves, deck, and new solar panels while chasing all the extra parts, building Regina’s port and celebrating his 50th. Regi has meanwhile closed down P&G and the rest of our life for a year. Our best investment was broadband at Hallso and our biggest headache has been good rain gear for Magnus (too young). Elin has already mastered the dingy and Einar and Magnus have become acclimatized to the boat at least at port. The weather has been rather terrible this July, so we’ve gotten much less practice than planned but still a feel for Regina with a few small trips.    Kristoffer has prepared for his university voyage. He has been accepted at is first choice in Trondheim of Ocean Engineering and is off after a summer of waiting and some nerves.  The family now splits for two different new lives for the next year.