Gorda Sound and Bitter End

Espen Aalstad
Sat 26 Apr 2008 20:51
18:30.44N 64:23.88W Mosquito Island
We are slowly making our way to Anegada as soon as boat planning and internet work is done.
Virgin Gorda's North Sound is a very pleasant hang out though.
Regina often anchores where nobody else does: Espen is known for loving the shallow. We found a desolate spot in the shallower channel into the Sound ...and our best private beach so far.The volcanic rock was perfect for building a marina: the whole family joined in.
Friends from Jigsaw, who we last saw for skipper Paul's 50th in Antigua, found us after having just arrived in the BVI. Everybody is very happy to spend more time together finally. When we first met in Oejaras, Portugal they were just heading to Madeira and we were going to Spain. Twins Molly and Kate and our boys enjoyed playing in Lanzarote, but since then we have been ahead of Jigsaw with our guest and their later than expected start in the ARC. They deserve the bravery medal as far as we are concerned (ARC has missed this!) for coming across the Atlantic after an unfortunate accident on the starting line.
Of course, as real yachtsmen we had to do the Bitter End Yacht Club. Feels a little less upscale than it was 20 years ago, but still a very pleasant and popular achorage.
We found a quiet spot across the bay where the kids could run around on a mangrove beach like their own back garden.  The kids had a first Hoby-Cat sail in light wind with Elin.