Unique Hog Island BBQ

Espen Aalstad
Sun 20 Jan 2008 20:52
11:59N 61:45W Hog Island
A long time Norwegian cruiser we met in Hog Island told us by watching cruisers' time in ports, he knows who they are. Charter boats come and go usually over night. Boats like us, on a year trip, may spend several nights while they are busy planning what's next or sightseeing. Real cruisers anchor for weeks and months and are the early raisers.
In Grendada, these cruisers have established their own VHF net. A social wake up call at 7:30 am for weather forecast, sharing news, help needed or social activities.
Many came to Roger's bar on Hog Island for the Sunday BBQ. We are glad we decided last mintute to head back when our friends on Roxanne and Pareto came south. 
A real island memory!
By 2 in the afternoon the little beach was hopping with locals and cruisers.
Kjell and Erna was invited to the local birthday party, which was a 'man thing'.  Only the men got the 'under the table' local liquer made like aquavit.
Everybody got to taste soup made over open fire in big oil barrels: turtle, fish, lobster and root vegetables. Too salty by the end of the night as the cook kept adding sea water to serve more people.
Roger's chicken and locals salads were more popular. 
A big tourist catamaran managed to 'crash' the party for their own BBQ - and almost the kids on the beach as it came in so the tourists could walk off. It seems the Hog island  experience was worth $120 a head!
The rock band were the crew on the bizarre boat we had anchored next to for several days.
Einar had another one of his 'best days in his life': He was in the lead as the kids uncovered a small 'wreck' in the mangrove and dug it out. Only with the dark could the play end.
Elin had a full 'teens' day with the boys from Pareto.