Bay of Cadiz - reality of cruising life

Espen Aalstad
Tue 16 Oct 2007 21:59
36:32.45N 6:17.07 W  Bay of Cadiz
In the heart of the Andalucian coast we have had five days of exploring, fixing and waiting - the life of cruisers it seems.
First Cadiz to finally get Jeanneau's help with repairs and rigging.
We fixed bimini, lazy jack and sprayhood: all poorly done to start. Fixed bilge pump and finally rigged bow spirit.
We keep waiting for our spinnaker pole as its saga continues.Bad advice to install in Sweden could not be done after all and since then we have chased the spinnaker pole - or it has chased us. It was wrong in Hamble, then stuck in transportation, reordered and now two late to Cadiz. We can' t wait and can't trace it. Hopefully, Jeanneau gets it to Las Palmas. We are thought very impressed with local Jeanneau here: highly recommended for anybody buying a new Jeanneau (talk to us first!). Special thanks to Peki and Christine!
We explored beautiful Cadiz! The most charming stop so far surrounded by sea and old forts. Small, narrow streets and lot's of big plazas. We felt how the big familes all come out in late afternoons for their cafes and plaza walks! We learned that we can not find dinner until 9 pm! Wi-fi connections all over the city is popular!
Experienced sailor Ted joined us for two days and we learned more about Atlantic crossings but had not much wind to sail!
We waited in Rota - small, charming beach town and learned how even playgrounds close for siesta. Long time since we had heavy wind: East 30 knots.
We waited in Puerto Sherry - and did not find explore sherry making but a huge shopping center and Carrefour to stock up the boat for the Atlantic.