IJsselmeer - going inland to Enkhuizen

Espen Aalstad
Thu 30 Aug 2007 20:38
52:42.22N 5:17.93E
The wind was back up to 25 knots today in what we thought would be a quiet sail 'inland' south to Amsterdam. We left on high tide (making 11 knots) to make it across the shallowest part at Harlingen (less than our 2.15m) - through a busy lock and down on Ijesselmeer. Man made and shallow: we felt both how the waves get rougher and had a little touch down on sand. South at 8 knots to Enkhuizen in a very professional harbour. KLM has some kind of roudy corporate event and donated 'anker dram'.
Enkhuizen is an old village made rich on herring in the grand old days when shipping made the 'north' rich. Charming and a first feel of canals and typcial Dutch houses.