Skipper's favorite

Espen Aalstad
Sat 22 Sep 2007 22:31
38:28.6N 8:58.7W. Portinho de Arrabida.
Espen enjoys navigating close to shore and in more difficult today we got close to  the steepest cliffs of Cabo Espichel and entered a rather tricky bay on low water. Slaloming through sandbanks when the sun almost set (that's when you do not see the depth well...). Great to be in a natural harbour again - this one described as one of the most scenic anchorages in all of Portugal. It was worth the detour!  The landscape is changing to what we expect Algarve to be like. The N wind over night at 25 knots coming down the steep hill was a surprise, but our anchor digged well into the bottom. The beach was super and even more so after half a day of school work.
Early evening onwards under the stars to Sines - 30 nautical miles is now nothing.....
Fun in the small current
....and Einar clims of course