Christmas in Bequia

Espen Aalstad
Wed 26 Dec 2007 20:43
13:00N 61:14W
From St. Lucia we skip past large St. Vincent like many others. One of the bays there is even not recommended for cruisers after some violence.
We make good speed to Bequia, which we also know a little from two years ago. This island is the entrance to the Grenadines. Historically, famous for whaling, it is now a cruising center and increasingly popular as winter residence for European tourists. Somebody said the island is for sale.....
At least a 100 boats are in the big Admirality Bay where dinghys and water taxis keeps it even more busy. Ashore there is actually not much except for beautiful beaches and palmy hills. There is also Norwegian Marian,who some years ago went ashore, and now hosts glogg party for Scandinavians on Christmas Eve. Crowded, hot and strange up in the hills just as we normally would get ready for dinner. Her friend Willy makes a tasty BBQ on the beach for the vikings in the evening. Long time and new cruisers exchanged experiences and plans. Kids danced around a palm tree and the Swedes helped with the snaps songs.
Christmas porridge before glogg. Einar got the nut!                           A hot glogg party with tombola
As any other Christmas Eve, Einar and Magnus was expecting Santa. We had warned them that it may be a little hot for him, and sure enough he had delivered presents in the cooler night. Imagine surprise when Santa-mon turned up with his red nosed reindeer in a dinghy. To just our boat. We must have nice kids and good friends: Jurg on Pareto III was a natural with an entertaining visit. The boys now know all about Caribbean Santa - the brother of the one who lives on the North Pole.Reindeer Christian and Santa was late returning home as other boats was also tempting snaps stops.
The Santa-mon and his reindeer
Christmas Day on the beach and then traditional family meal on board with new and local vegetables. We like the Krystofik!. A hot kitchen and we still made  riskrem in the heat and with no electricity.
Bequia Taxi and visiting the turtle sanctuary