Guadeloupe - very French

Espen Aalstad
Tue 19 Feb 2008 19:41
61.12.5N 61.31.9W
Ile des Saintes was a pleasant, slow reentry to French territory. Creole, Gallic and Bretagne traditions all mixed up on a group of three dry and steep islands - just south of Guadeloupe.  Almost always French these islands have relied on fishing and there has not been slaves here since there was no agriculture. Now it is a charming and artistic tourist attraction in the area with small ferries from Guadelope. Life is still slow and scooters are the means of moving around.
We have anchored just outside the only village of Bourg des Saintes rather peacefully despite still heavy wind. This weekend we had our traditional weekend croissaintes and pain du chocolate again.... just a little dingy trip to the beach to one of many boulangeries.
The French sailing tradition is obviously strong first there is a long lunch and then they head out to sea
Better than anything French was meeting up with friends on Minerva again. Einar unfortunately has been out with fever, but still insisted on playing both lego and going out for pizza with Ola. Elin and Mathilde could escape ashore to some small boutiques and Italian ice cream. Luckily Kristoffer could save them with his deep dives on the dinghy dock when they lost their keys. We had another fun Saturday together enjoying Pensum game from Norway where we all got tested for our school work and 'at the movies' in different boats.
Adults made the French connection with a tasty seafood meal out with also Norwegian Maggie: Petter and Kirsti.
Snorkling at Le Pain de Sucre together was a fitting goodbye with Minerva. They are now heading north faster as the trip to Bergen will go via New York!
Wonderful Reidun left us with fresh Norwegian bread.
Bon voyage notre amis, et au revoir a Norvege!
Up to Guadeloupe was a late afternoon straight on the wind and rather rolly with Atlantic waves. We have gone up the east coast to Point a Pitre. Espen is happy in the marina when the winds stays high, and from here we can both get some real shopping done and time out for the boat. The oven is finally working as the second time around the glass has arrived from France. The package to Grenada seems lost. New reef line is needed for the third time! The kids have had their half a day at a big mall ......books, DVDs and food we all know is stocked away!