Foelifuka island

Fri 8 Sep 2023 03:13
18 42.752S 174 08.372W

Great to be out and about exploring Vavau archipelago. Yesterday we had a grand evening on Avalau island. A tiny resort (max 8 people) that started the whale watching here back in the 90’s. A good evening drinking wine with the group from Sydney and Adelaide. 

Today we’ve just moved a little west into another amazing lagoon. I paddled down on my big foil board to start my SUP DW foil journey. It’s really hard! Was no where near paddling up on my own but Katie gave me a few tows with Moonshiner to get me up. I’ve got a long way to go but got a few glides of maybe a 100m’s or so. It was pretty light 15-18 knots so at the challenging end of conditions to learn in. 

We’ve now just had a good wing foil session, Katie’s looking better and better, gybes getting much more consistent and she even came outside into the bumps and started dropping the wing and doing some gliding. 

Spear fish out of the freezer for tonight with some chips. Should be a great spot for a sunset.