Day 7 Katie

Tue 21 Mar 2023 20:05
27 24.71N 31 48.05W
Heading 210degrees at 5.5kts
TWA 175 TWS 16kts
So one week in, time really does fly, at least it has initially. We’re all in good spirits, fully rid of the nausea, 864NM down and making good progress on a south westerly course with the wind behind us. The spinnaker is serving us well, although I’d forgotten it’s pattern is essentially the British flag….we’ve taken the ensign down so as not to look too british or be mistaken as a brexit campaign boat!
The motion of the boat is particularly uncomfortable with the wind astern, Moonshiner does a kind of bottom shuffle down each wave with a roll at the bottom. The roll can vary in intensity but essentially makes every single item in the galley clang and rattle (Ben thought his van was annoying).
Ona made pancakes for breakfast which she had to guestimate the measures for after realising that the digital scales definitely don’t work unless you’re completely flat and static (thought I was being clever saving space). She’s currently jostling around the galley making a tagine for dinner, inspired by her recent trip to Morocco…smells delicious!
We’ve been making over 150nm a day over the last couple of days but expect that to drop as the wind lightens, time to experiment with sail plans.

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