Tue 16 May 2023 17:11
0 53.7S 89 36.8w

We made it, bloody good to be on anchor, the boat flat and us relaxed. In honesty that was a f’ing hard passage. I think probably as we were psyched up for a flat/windless affair with a lot of motoring. This is how it started but then we’ve had 3 days of beating into nearly 20 knots at time. The seas quickly build so we were slamming with lots of green water coming over the front. The nights especially were not far off purgatory, the worst bit was very little sleep to be had when off watch leading us all to get more and more fatigued. 

Wreck bay is busy, not stereotypical Galapagos but still a welcome place to be. Super friendly seals playing right up against the hull. Is a real shame we’re not going to see more of the islands and the wildlife but they are extremely unwelcoming to yachts and clearly make it as hard as possible for cruising. Is costing us $450 just to be allowed to stay for 24hrs and fill up with water and diesel. 

Ryan is getting off. He’s been a great addition to Moonshiners compliment and is a shame he hasn’t got a little more time to do the Marquesa passage. Looking forward to it being just the 2 of us though, the forecast for the next passage os good and we should have good speed well free of the wind with it on or behind the beam. 

We’re not allowed to go ashore but have been given  permission to go ‘surfing’. About to put the foils together is and a great looking Left hand point break just at the entrance to the bay.  Happy days, amazing how the world is a much better place after a bit of sleep and a good looking wave.