We’re on board!

Wed 9 Nov 2022 22:58
First night on the boat, fillet steak with the first bottle of red from our enormous stash. 

We’re just about ship shape. An inordinate amount of gear has been stowed

Freezer is full of the mums amazing cooking to make eating in bad weather easier.

The 2 most important lockers, drinks and boards. 5 foil boards safely manipulated into place. Windsurf board snugged into a rack made by Brian on the aft rail.

Great to see some colleagues, thanks to Claire, Garry, James and Ray for stopping by to say hello. 

And finally the weather has calmed down a bit. not out at sea, still no sign of let up from the howling depressions racing up the Atlantic but at least mylor harbour has quietened down a bit. Moonshiner looks stunning in the moonshine!






Dr Ben Warrick

Consultant Anaesthesia and Major trauma

Trust lead for Major Trauma

The Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro.


Cornwall BASICS lead Doctor (joint)

Mob 07949 547603