Day 8: Crap and a cockroach

Wed 24 May 2023 18:22
04 16.5S 108 50.1W
SOG 8 COG 254
TWD 130 TWS 15

We were so immersed in sailing yesterday that we missed a blog!

So yesterday we had concerns over our battery charging, after popping up to have a look at the solar panels, it was immediately clear why….our 24hr stop over at the Galapagos had robbed us of our watts by covering the panels in muchos guano!
The morning became somewhat of a balancing act whilst we attempted to clean the crap off the panels without falling overboard. We think this has solved the problem though we still had to run the genny for a couple of hours.

The other troublesome news is that I discovered a lone but large cockroach….every sailors (or definitely my) ultimate fear. At least he was on the deck under the lazerette cover and not in the cabin, but who knows what he’s been up to.

It’s been an ongoing battle to salvage the fruit and veg as it struggles to keep in the 33degree heat, we’re running low on veg but quite a bit of fruit left plus our vast freezer stocks which we’re attempting to make a dent in.

The wind has veered back round to 130-140degrees TWD which is slightly odd as we were expecting it to continue to back as we head west. We’ve also picked up some current so we’re happily batting along on a beam reach with a nice sea state.

Crossed through 1000nm yesterday so we’re over a 1/3 of the way!

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