Day 4 Pacific. Booby Birds

Sat 13 May 2023 02:21
01 53.8N 83 46.6W
COG 230 SOG 4.5

Last night presented us with an epic lightening show. We were virtually surrounded by sheets of lightening, but luckily they were too far away to bother us.
Today has been a battle with rotting fruit and veg. We made an effort to buy fresh fruit and veg from a market to ensure it wasn’t refrigerated, and thus would last longer. I’m not sure if it’s the heat (35degrees in the cabin) or we chose badly, but I found 10 mouldy oranges today!
It certainly feels like the doldrums proper….we did get a few hours of local wind from ahead which we bore off to utilise…mainly so we could hear ourselves think and do an engine check.
Today we installed our long awaited semi-permanent solution to our soda stream situation (1st world problems). It seems almost impossible to exchange soda stream canisters, so alas, we found a brewery in Panama that sold us a mega large CO2 canister with a fancy connection. We are good to go for 300L of fizzed tank water!

In other news, we have been joined by a rather lovely looking Booby Bird. They arrived around midday and have been enjoying the front perch on the pulpit ever since, it seems he’ll be staying the night. As long as cleans all his bird poo off when he leaves, he’ll be a welcome passenger.

No fish caught today, probably a good thing as we’ve been battling to eat veg and salad before it goes off.

Just under 400miles to go, forecast for wind to fill in soon.


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