Tue 29 Aug 2023 05:25
18 39.336S 173 58.995W

We’ve arrived in Tonga. On a mooring buoy in the most amazing natural harbour of Neiafu

Amazing land fall. Big limestone cliffs and whales jumping everywhere. They are amazing creatures. Only saw them jumping in the distance but a couple cruised right by the boat. Think we’ll do a commercial trip to swim with the whales as all say it really is an amazing experience and is bad form to do from private boats. 

Our yellow flag is flying, we’ll go along side tomorrow morning and sign into the country. 

Is a beautiful temperature. Just need a top while drinking sun downers. The Negronis are flowing after another week at sea.

The passage was a real mixed bag. Initially fast, then slow but expectedly so so was kinda ok as was comfy. Wind then filled in with a vengeance from the S and we had a very bumpy 24hrs but did 170 miles so a real flier. Yesterday morning we were congratulating ourselves when it all went tits up. We managed to get the A sail wrapped around the forestay, in recovering it it went over the side, v v nearly with Katie attached. This was sorted but we had allowed the Yankee on its roller to get loose which then wrapped its self as we tried to deploy it. It flogged a hole in itself and we had no choice but to winch me up it a tie it all off with ties to sort out when we arrived here. We then shook out the reef in the main as the wind dropped but the reef line caught in the stack pack and tore it in half!

So as ever we have a load of stuff to fix. Hopefully there is a good sail loft to sort the Yankee and stack pack. 

Really nice to be in. Lots of good folk saying hello in the anchorage already. Will be good to chill out for a bit.