The best day yet

Wed 17 May 2023 13:40
What a great 24hrs. Really glad we stopped. I did well out of the watch system, we’d been doing solo 12hrs overnight but changed back to 4 hrs for the night entering the Galapagos. I did the 7-11 so got a pretty good nights sleep and woke up to the sound of the anchor going down in Wreck bay. 

The agent and a military border guard came out to the boat to inspect us. Were very glad the fuel gauge said nearly empty and our justification for stopping held up. Got a few jobs done, I went up the mast and checked everything and spotted an amazing looking wave out on the entrance to the bay. A perfect left hand point break wrapping round into deep water. We’d been told we weren’t allowed to go ashore but I asked specifically if we could go ‘surfing’. The agent smiled and said ok as long as I got a water taxi over and we didn’t use the tender. Foils and wings were a bit of a stretch of this but I rapidly got them put together and convinced Katie the other boat jobs could wait. We only had 90 minutes as had a delivery of diesel coming. It was my best session on a foil yet. Once I’d got the feel for it I started picking off the sets and drifting right up to the peak, solid over head but really clean and predictable. Was the first proper wave session on my new MA 1000 and 205 ‘surf’ stab. Got some really big carving turns through the crystal clear water. The reef felt pretty shallow and was carving round parrot fish galore. The best wave by far involved one of these, I turned back to run down the line to see Katie drop in on the swell a 100m or so down. Amazing to see her fly down and get a feel for gliding down waves with very little consequence as was no where near breaking where she was. Just wish we’d taken the go pro! 

After returning to the boat we were informed we were allowed ashore ‘for a short period and not the evening and we must leave that night’. We rapidly go the diesel and water sorted (all delivered in tanks) and got the boat ready to leave and then got a lift ashore. We met up with Ryan and had a wander round, a nice little town very set up for traveler's and holiday makers. We were very happy to drink beer on solid ground. We slightly stretched the agents rules and had a great meal out, Japanese inspired fish restaurant with amazing smoked Negronis and tuna tartare. We were in no fit state to leave after all that so stayed on the hook overnight (with the ais off!) and have just left this morning at first light. My head is complaining and Katie has gone back to bed but we’re now Marquesa bound, doing 7-8 knots with 15-18 knots on the beam. Amazing sailing, I hope we get lots of this.