Day 12

Sun 26 Mar 2023 21:46
N 24 11.174 W037 14.052
Speed 3.5 knots, TWA 131, TWS 7 knots

Trip log 1251, 1450 miles to Antigua along the rumb line.

Finally just started moving after another glorious day just floating around in the middle of the ocean. Is hot hot hot. Water temp 36 degrees! Lots of swimming, i even jumped in with my spear gun as was a good size mahe mahe cruising round the boat. Suffice to say it disappeared. Had miserable luck with the line, not a single bit after the initial one at the start of the trip when the lure was ripped off instantly by something huge.

Sails just flogging a bit as they’re not quite filled. Hope the wind increases a bit and we can properly start moving

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