Day 9 Katie

Thu 23 Mar 2023 19:11
25 33.5N 35 09.4W
COG 270 Speed 5kts
TWA 80 TWS 12

Alas….the butter has melted, so we be turning west (but also because our expensive weather routing and Ryan tells us to).
The temperature is literally rising by 1degree a day and it’s getting pretty hot out here, not that we’re complaining. The water temperature is already 23degrees, it’s a daily torture not to jump in and cool off!
Late last night the wind dropped to sod all so we put away the sails and enjoyed a stationary dinner. We were adrift 1000 miles from anywhere enjoying a proper english dish of Lincolnshire sausages and mash all the way from Epworth. I had hoped I might be enjoying tuna tartar 3 times a day, but so far our total fish count is a big fat zero so it’s freezer food for now.
Today has been light winds from the east so we are essentially on a dead run. Ona has been practicing hand steering and is joining us on the watch system from tonight.
The fore peak is now a rather pleasant place to sleep with the wind behind so we’ve made a berth up there.
We are the definition of slow and steady, but the swell has eased right off so we are no longer rolling like a dog.
Other than a two hour watch each night, I feel like I’m retired. No idea what day it is, afternoon naps, no where to be, lots of tea drinking etc. Other than an occasional bird and flying fish, there’s not a lot to look at. The most interesting sighting was a plastic barrel, we literally all turned around to look at it as we sailed past.

Fajitas for dinner!

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