Day 21 (i think)

Tue 4 Apr 2023 22:28
18 14.50N 56 24.92W
Speed 5.5 knots TWS 17 TWA 175
Trip Odometer 3438
Antigua 314 miles

The rip roaring pace has studied but we’re still trundling along nicely. Sea state and hence general roll much better although still the occasional set of waves that sends Moonshiner into a horrendous serious of rolls with both rails being underwater.

Managed 175 miles in the pervious 24hrs from lunchtime. Measured on the whole Atlantic chart so am sure the error rate is high but has been an amazing couple of days to get miles done.

Looking likely we’ll arrive Friday morning/midday depending upon how much wind we have, forecast set to stay similar to now. We’re going to head into Falmouth harbour, something nice about leaving Falmouth UK and arriving in Falmouth Antigua!

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