Are we there yet

Fri 2 Jun 2023 01:29
08 57.02S 129 23.96W
6 knots @ 250
TWA 156 TWS 14
Distance to go, 555 miles.

It feels like we’ve been at sea for a very very long time. Day 16 i think. We’ve made good progress over the last 24 hrs but wind is starting to drop. Frustratingly looks like it’s going to get very light over the weekend with a big hole before filling back in next week. Neither of us have the patience for sitting out here blobbing around so it’ll probably be the motor on and the wind will fill in just as we arrive. The forecasts have been vague at best though so maybe we’ll retain enough of a breeze to ghost in

The boat is running well with just 2 of us. We’re sleeping pretty well and eating really well so got nothing to complain about. Is just hard work being at sea. The constant motion is wearing. I think we both knew it would be like this and alway said it was about enjoying the destinations rather than just being at sea for long periods. Kinda type 2 fun i guess. Will be a real achievement to have made the passages and I’m sure make the destinations that bit more special. I guess we’ve just had a tough run with minimal stops but all that’s about to change.

We’ll have done well over 9000 miles when we reach Marquesa. Marquesa to NZ is just about 3000. We’ve done 8000 miles since March, about 3 months. We’ll need to be out of the pacific by December so have got 5 months to do the remaining distance. A much better pace i think.

I’m completely foil brained. The Azores was fun in its way, it did i KAtie a great service getting her up and flying but now all i dream of is S pacific waves breaking on perfect little atolls. I don’t think the Marquesa will provide us that but the Tuamotus most certainly will. I think very roughly we’ll be June in Marquesa, July in Tuamotus, August in the Cook Islands, September in Samoa and Tonga. Not sure if we’ll get to Fiji or not, it may just be best to turn right at Tonga for NZ or we may feel like doing a few extra miles to get up to Fiji
The Marquesa do look amazing though, huge amount of relief and really good trail walking/running with spectacular scenery and big statues similar to Easter Island.

Switched onto Port water tank (200l). If I’m honest I’m supposed we’ve gone all the way through the starboard tank (450l) with just 2 of us and fairly frugal use. We’re using a lot more than the Atlantic with the odd shower and washing up etc but there are only 2 of us. Think i need to investigate for leaks or more likely a blockage when we arrive. We’ll have plenty to get in and have got another 100l of reserve so is no water stress.
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