Day 6 Caribbean Sea

Mon 24 Apr 2023 18:35
12 08.3N 74 11.1W

So day 2 of no breeze, it's forecast to fill in tonight. The engine is on and we are making a steady 5kts. Despite the tent being up, it's bloomin hot!
I did an all night watch last night to 'practice' for our short handed passages. Felt a bit like a night shift at home, replacing the bleep for an AIS alarm, (I prefer the AIS alarm). The first half we were sailing at 2-3kts with the wind on the beam with main and asymmetric up which was rather pleasant, then the wind went behind us and dropped off so the engine went on at 3am. I suppose I must have had some sleep at times, I was awoken by the AIS alarm when a yacht was 2 miles astern of us motoring at 7kts, always feels much closer at night and you're never quite sure if they've seen you, I'm sure we'll get used to it the more we do it.
This morning felt like our own little blue planet set...a large pod of at least 40 or so pilot whales surrounded our boat. They were clearly intrigued by us, they kept surfacing so their eyes were above water checking us all out. We've also had 2 visits by sharks, pretty big fellas, came right up to the boat and then headed astern.

Bring on the breeze please.


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