Day 1 Galapagos to Marquesas: Then there were 2

Wed 17 May 2023 23:20
01 06.8S 90 52.4W
SOG 8 COG 260
TWS 15 TWD 150

We have been off to a flying start after scurrying out of Wreck Bay at 5.30am this morning before the powers that be noticed we hadn’t left the previous night.
As ever, we both feel ropey as hell having drank too much which we always say we won’t do next time the night before a big passage…live and learn (definitely living, not sure learning).
The sailing so far has been an absolute pleasure, 15kts just forward of the beam and about a knot of current in our favour, we’re doing between 7.5-8.5kts! We’ve sailed west between several of the islands taking in the nature and landscape before 20 odd days of staring only at the deep blue sea.
The boat feels palatial now it’s just the 2 of us, we can relax a little more with water usage with 700L plus rain collection.
It will no doubt be tough sailing the old girl just the 2 of us but at least we’ve had time to get to know her and develop systems to manage her sail changes short handed.
Last night we celebrated our official ‘half way’ party. To date we’ve done 6500NM since the UK, 5300 of that has been over the last 2 months, and we’ve got 2908NM to go until the Marquesas. We’re hoping it’ll take us around 3 weeks if the wind blows well.

So it’s back out to sea we go.