Making progress

Mon 5 Dec 2022 16:53
Had the engine on for just over 24 hrs now. I know why a friend of mine calls it the screaming banshee box! Feels good to be making progress though across a very calm ocean. Still a bit of swell running but not a breath of wind. Is another big system developing over the Azores, we’ve decided the best way to mitigate is to make best possible progress and be in before it fully develops with us in it! Got a good blow tonight which will be on the beam, if we can keep the boat running well then we should be in by about lunch time on Wednesday.

Been a lovely sunny day so hatches are open and the deck is covered in drying gear. Don’t think anything survived a dousing. Had a good chance to survey the damage, poor old moonshiner took quite a battering. I’m told the Azores yards are excellent and good at quick turnarounds so don’t think there should be anything that delays us too long. Will see. They sound like a great place to hang out and explore.

The miracle of the day has been finding dads phone. We assumed it went over the side when we were knocked down but apparently not. He was filming at the time! I can’t send the video as it’s too big over the satellite. I’ve taken a couple of stills form the video. The last few are truly terrifying, showing moonshiner 45 degrees upside down hurtling down the wave.

JPEG image

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