Day 9: are we there yet??

Thu 25 May 2023 23:57
04 57.6S 112 18.7W
SOG 5 COG 150
TWS 10 TWD 120

No sooner were we putting plans in place for our ‘half way’ party did the wind drop to less than 10kts! That’ll teach us.
We had a cracking day yesterday averaging over 8kts with 15kts aft of the beam, once it creeps aft of 120 apparent, we can’t fill the Yankee with the main up. This morning the wind lightened so we launched the asymmetric. Can’t complain as we haven’t really lifted a finger regarding sail changes since departing the Galapagos, so it all felt like rather hard work!
We’ve picked up some lovely current, so despite the wind dying we’re still maintaining over 5kts, just feels a bit pedestrian after yesterday.
We’ve decided to head towards the southern most island of Fatu-Hiva and then cruise up the chain with the trades.
We’ve had Ben’s mums parsnip soup for lunch and we’re having my mums fish pie for dinner….not perhaps the most traditional equatorial menu but absolutely delicious, thanks again to the parents for the freezer meals, and thank god for the freezer…what a revelation!

1600nm to go

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