Day 3: Sushi at your door

Sun 21 May 2023 19:52

02 00.6S 95 43.3W
SOG 7.5 COG 250
TWS 16 TWD 135

We set a conservative sail plan overnight to steady the motion in the new sea. We’re averaging around 150nm/24hrs so not too bad. The swell is more organised now with the wind on the beam with full main and Yankee up.
This morning we noticed one of the cotton attachments from the main sail to the track had chaffed through so at 7am Ben went up the mast to remedy a fix. It was pretty rolley, I’m glad it wasn’t me going up, Ben’s done a great job of tying it off with some chord.
We’ve also had a delivery of squid right to our front door overnight. I guess this is guilt free fishing….they’ve chosen Moonshiner as their final resting place! I’ve gathered them up off the deck to make a tempura this evening.
The fishing rod is yet to be deployed, neither of us have had the energy, plus it’s been rough and windy.
The freezer meals are really coming into their own now, had a delicious fish pie made by mum last night, plus one of her lasagnas for tonight….and I’ve found a garlic bread right at the bottom, what a treat!

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