Tonga to Fiji

Mon 11 Sep 2023 00:41
18 38.05S 174 14.33W

We’ve just departed Tonga for Fiji, 400nm west. We’ve had a great couple of weeks here exploring the various anchorages within this projected Archipelago. We’ve lost count of how many whales we’ve seen, they are literally everywhere!
It’s been really sociable, hanging out with the group we met in Suwarrow and various other places. Saturday night we organised a local feast with a suckling pig and a million other amazing local dishes on a remote island where they are the only residents.
I went for a snorkel yesterday and found the best coral reef so far. I saw my first octopus and heard the whales singing in the distance.
We’ve both had a few really good foil sessions with a nice 20kts of wind. I’m finally jibing both ways and getting most of my foot swaps without falling off.
We’re up to date (as can be) with boat jobs but we’re certainly missing our big Yankee. It’s back to the days of hank on and hoisting until we can repair it in Fiji. We’re both a little scared of the spinnaker after the last incident so it’s sitting in a pool of crystallised salt looking a little neglected until we’re feeling brave again (which will probably be tomorrow when the wind drops).