San blas paradise.

Sat 29 Apr 2023 23:26
9 58.96N 78 67.45W

We had a great sail up the coast overnight making most of extremely light airs. We had to use the engine about half of the way but made some excellent progress in 7-8knots. I did the first watch and managed to spin the boat 180 on the spot when suddenly headed and the jib backed. 

We’re in the ‘swimming pool’ in cayos holandeses about half way across the San blas islands. We can see why they are voted the most beautiful in the Caribbean. Had a great session snorkelling from the boat, a walk around amazing sandy palm tree’d island and just getting the bbq on for the tuna we caught this morning.

Was a good fishing day as also got a wahoo as we came into the islands. Katie prep’d it into the most stunning cerviche, eaten raw in lime juice. 

We’re going to stay here until we have to leave Monday night to return to shelter bay to prep for the Panama Canal transit. 

Finally getting into the cruising lifestyle