Day 7

Tue 25 Apr 2023 21:09
11 15.7N 76 08.2W
TWS 13 TWD 16

The wind finally filled in yesterday evening so we hoisted the asymmetric and yankee, both poled out. Wind varied over night and had to adjust course to keep wind no less than 150degrees to SB. Wind aslo increased to 20kts overnight and so the rolling began.
Ryan did an all night watch from our new delux cockpit bed....the hammock. Apparently it was good until it reached its natural frequency, and then turned into a rather dodgy theme park ride, we're working on some dampening to improve the ride.
We recon we'll be in Thursday evening if we can keep 5kts up. It seems to get hotter each day, the outside temperature hit 36degrees today!
No sightings of megafauna today (yet), we did have our brand new lure nicked by a naughty swordfish yesterday evening...probably as revenge for giving his mate a lip piercing the day before.


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