Day 3 in the Carribean sea

Fri 21 Apr 2023 01:09
13 56.99N 67 44.34W
6.5 knots, TWA 170 TWS 16

Been finding it a bit rough going so far woth in going nausea. Just enough to stop me doing much down below. Hopefully turned a corner this evening, freshly baked bread and ratouille by Ryan went down well. 
Mum also been sick today but again was looking better this evening. Dad just seems to function but had had several wretches over the side. Katie jist tough as nails and soldiers through. 

Did 170 miles in last 24hrs, a flying start. Boat speed not that exceptional as is a strong w going current. We’ve just gybes the main so now have a goose wing setup with full Main and Yankee on a pole. The occasional horrible roll but mostly pretty comfy. 

Dr Ben Warrick

Consultant Anaesthesia and Major trauma

Trust lead for Major Trauma

The Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro.


Cornwall BASICS lead Doctor (joint)

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